Italy’s Flat Tax

Scrooge McDucks from overseas, did you know that the a Paradise on earth such as Italy – with its food, people, fashion, landscapes etc. – has became a fiscal Paradise for you from a few weeks? Finally the government passed a law that might as well attract wealth and a boost to the economy instead of stinky useless migrants able to make their wealth by stealing the wealthy – validating Churchill’s quote for which while “capitalism consists in an unequal sharing of blessings, socialisms consists in an equal sharing of misery.” Thus now a new foreign resident can apply to the Italian Revenue Agency with the request of being billed only €100,000 over a period of 15 years. E.g. considering that €100,000,000 revenue would be cut in half in almost all the States of residency making the millionaire a middle class species, having the possibility that year to pay on his revenue coming from overseas – which should be everywhere but in the E.U., so I guess England as well as soon as Brexit will be effective; which I guess will be interesting due to the economic shock and the falling of the Pound, the raises in salaries and the major taxation the government will ask to retain the same inflow. What will you be waiting for, then? Bank accounts in Italy are cheap compared to existing fiscal paradises, life is cheaper in general and the period to live there can be seen as spent in a holiday which offers the best landscapes in the world – together with charming cities filled with activities, shopping and art. In Italy it’s easy to jump in a car and, depending on the range of time you want to spend into it, you can see within generally 15km totally different scenarios already. Plus, last but not least, the real estate is so cheap!!! From 2008 apparently it hasn’t came yet to its old prices, but necessarily it will be in a new economic cycle – this theatrical piece in our politics must soon come to an end and everybody who studied history known we Italians always rose up again to send on our own. Italy wasn’t hit that much by the 2010 Eurozone crisis. I want to remind that Silvio Berlusconi succeeded in refusing the IMF loan that Sarkozy and Merkel relentlessly tried to palm off us. The result? CRISIS, but at least not SLAVERY (to “Germany’s” EBC) – unlike Greece, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus. For Berlusconi the result was a political golpe that happened a few days later in that November 2011, when the most criminal president of the Republic – €19 millions worth ex communist decrepit Giorgio Napolitano – called him off his charge and decided Mario Monti should succeed to him immediately as a premier.

This news of a Flat Tax 6 years later should comfort everybody instead of being criticised. All proud Italian that in 2011 cherished our close death should over-talk about it because we are resurrecting. A “left” technical government passed it – needless to say it, Berlusconi proposed it years ago but was not listened to. We need money, fun, wealth brought to our country of Gods. Poverty never created anything – wealth does! Our most beautiful art pieces comes from wealthy men who commissioned it!!! And wealthy people are the good entrepreneurial people that Italians need.

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Here Berlusconi cheering: http://forzaitalia.it/notizie/11709/con-la-flat-tax-riparte-l-italia



When law is charming/cool/perverse



I had two exams today in Florence and by chance my daddy supporter took advantage to do some of his lawyer business in the justice court of Florence, the biggest and the most important in Tuscany. I am charmed, it’s been built recently and it’s truly like a city inside. It remembered me the buildings of the UE in Brussels, or whatever, an European project. Like my university, in the campus of Novoli. So different from what Italians where used too not even 20 years ago! Anyway the most interesting thing – apart having 2 exams less on my path – was the possibility of assisting a little the process of Amanda Knox in there. An issue on the top of the agenda setting because of the new sentence and still because she’s been in jail for four years and nobody still knows who’s the murderer of Miranda. All the story is on the web, I wouldn’t write anything new… But imagine she’s not guilty… 4 years with no reasons… In a world moving faster and faster, a girl at the blossom of her life imprisoned in another country with even NO IPHONE with her… I’ve always agreed with the death penalty but thinking of the isolation and getting old totally alone, I begin to reconsider this opinion. It’s more worthy speaking of the costs. Yet I am sure there must be something beautiful to experience jail: like any condition of privation, everything little is to be appreciated. And psychologically I’d be quite impressed to speak with a foolish criminal and study his mind. Amanda is in the US, scared to appear in court, otherwise I’d have tried to approach her for sure. To sustain her. What the hell happened that night? A little party gone wrong ok, but I doubt any beautiful girl could be so foolish or stoned to stab her flatmate like this! Actually in this orgy of people involved, one declared himself guilty for stabbing, but evoked Amanda and Raffaele (the couple so sadly split) to be present. In that Halloween night everything remains dark. By the way, in this country under uncertainty you are behind bars, and whenever this doubt consist, you are condemned anyway. Of course there’s no death penalty, we have no efficiency and Agata Christie in here! If ever I disappear I am in jail to experience, I should find a crime of the kind “one night stand”, possibly in Monaco. So I’d be right back with my iPhone to tell you 😉