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First class ending

London is calling and I am joining the City with my perfect gentleman on the same trip that J.K. Rowling did when she had the inspiration for Harry Potter. This year was very unique, and like 2015 it is ending in a way I could have never expected. 2015 was memorable because of the political campaign, but it had many downsizes and low moments. I started a life in Monte Carlo that was perfect only the first months but not even, a warmy apple was under my roof, someone who I tried to help that cheated on me repeatedly ruining my relationship and eventually stealing me a Louis Vuitton bag. Whatever. I got a new one and was covered with luxurious ubjects up until now, so fuck yourself you useless poor thing. 2016 started in New York in a nice way and is ending in London in a nicer way, at a proper party in black tie and long dresses. The magic of this year was my salvation, my growth in choosing the right partner. I broke a huge barrier I had. Love doesn’t really have age barrier, a younger man can be more mature than the woman; and viceversa. So if it is about choosing a partner for life, think about the beauty of growing up together instead of dealing with the past of the other and eventually dreadful children. Building empires and making your own legacy instead of getting a legacy is priceless. I made mistakes that wouldn’t have brought me anywhere, so I must end this fabulous year thanking the Lord for giving me the opportunity to give a true sense to my life shifting my destiny toward the best. Thank you for having sent me such an angel as Charles, and let me recognise and remember of him at the right moment, before I could eventually make the mistake of stepping back. I have had subsequently such inspirations as the LSE and boosting this blog with his help as he is a successful businessman in softwares. But he is also an artist, and so I am, and in 2017 we shall surprise the world with a few creations. A relationship shall bring the best out of you, give a sense, build. 2016 opened my eyes to what I truly deserved. I shall thank who made me sad choosing unnaturally a selfish daughter, not caring and noticing about the fact that I was having a life meanwhile thanks to what I was provided. I met my happiness because I was as careless at the end. Sorry if in the path I broke your heart. It was not my intention. It was God’s plan. It was Karma. Apart from my personal life, which I shall protect, karma in politics kicked out Clinton, Sarkozy and Renzi; while I’d spare the latter, the first two and Obama I hope in 2017 will have what they deserve even more violently. That idiot of Obama lifted useless sanctions against Russia yesterday I shall say no more, as they comment itself. The worst president in the history of the USA is about to go, finally, and even there he can’t help but deluding. If only he could be flushed in the toilet like what his skin colour looks like. I am sorry if I have been racist but he is the first coloured president and instead of being thankful and cheer the Nobel prize of peace I think we should all examine his catastrophic presidency and blame it of having been the least peaceful. ISIS was created with the disruption of the Middle East, Israel is not an ally anymore, and we were on the edge of war with Russia – if in 2002 Putin announced a “cool war”, here the “cold war” was at its peak. It shall be no more like this in 20 days. Even if this was George Michael’s Last Christmas and the end of love for Leonard Cohen, we have good elements to cheer the New Year.


My sweetheart. If we were all lucky like me there would me no ugliness and anger in the world. But I guess I am lucky because I am brave enough to embrace my destiny and dance with it. It is not difficult to be lucky, it’s about to choose happiness. Never to be a nurse or a martire. Do what fulfill you, and everything around you will flourish. If you can’t be loved as you wish, be feared. I wish everybody a happy new year, filled with fun, courage, determination, self-esteem.


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Elogy to cigarettes – against their ostracism 

I write this post for a friend living in London who, against his wife and much of the population, defends his right to smoke and found in me an ally. When I met them she was explaining, with my mum nodding at her affirmations, how not cool has became smoking now; in London is forbidden to smoke in many places and parks – and not to talk about the U.S…generally in the anglosaxons countries cigarettes cost an eye and smokers are fenced in special areas, with even the pleasure of smoking on the grass cut off. Is THIS cool, or isn’t this a form of discrimination?! Let’s out limits on fuel than, electricity and whatever spoil the air we breath… But let’s give people the right to have a minor vice! I can understand the prohibition of smoking into restaurants because even for an inveterate  smoker it is annoying having the weight of multiple others’ ashtrays on its clothes…but even there, there should be a space into restaurants for smokers; or are we beasts, obliged to go outside with any wether’s condition…?! We cannot be asked of stopping, it is a decision to be taken by ourselves. Everything can kill you, so it’s worthy to have the maximum of pleasures in life. No one else can think for you, so be yourself. In the countries where communism was born and then imported in the form of an healthy Americanism (that is everything but healthy in reality) of course it is impossible, when it’s not about business but personality. And the weakers give up, leaving the most perfect prototype of the perfect pleasure – it is short and leaves you unsatisfied,  quoting Wilde’s famous words. 



That was me yesterday reading How to be a Parisian in front of the Royal Academy – ah, I’ve always belonged to France and I’m madly proud to tell you that I moved in my beloved country kidnapped by love by  the most romantic French knight (of course the love of my life was supposed to be French! I say no more because we are worthy of the most beautiful of the fairy tales,and I’m gealous of my feelings). 

This is Gatwick airport. What is the difference that makes space to people with handicaps have a special place, and us smokers not..? I’m not racist and against humanity and rights, but are we sick?! I am – a brave madly and the happiest  and proudest to be in love – not for being a smoker 😉



Belated wishes and Christmas thoughts

IMG_9114Здравствуйте, and greetings!

Last Christmas was one of the best in my life, I gave my heart literally and the very next day I was the happiest girl. I am still safe and sound, thanks to the Almighty.

The best gift was understanding how love must be stronger than pride to fulfill one self with the true joy of loving someone else, despite of the conviction of being unbreakable.

Then I had the full family for lunch, finally: my 90 years old aunt decided she was well enough to come – she’s perfectly healthy and with a brilliant mind, drinking martinis everyday, but inexplicably she’s been closing herself at home almost 8 years. She’s my star, she manage to be perfectly blonde with some simple tricks and she has Bette Davis’ eyes, blue with a great layer of mascara. She’s funny and broad minded, I can tell her everything and she cheers to all my crazy decision, trusting in me. I well guessed when I said she must have had an ascendent in pisces, like me.  Smoking for 50 years one packet and then stopping at 80, I really hope I have the same DNA (she’s my passed away grandma’s sister).

Granny (86) and her made a great couple, plus my parents and the cat. I have an uncle (who’s no children), but he never comes… Anyway, it was a very pleasant lunch, which I burnt later with a long walk… Before going back home and being acclaimed by all the usual guests we have.

So I wanted to share my happiness’ pride, I had all I wanted for Christmas and I hope you too!



Literature, passion and death in French literature über alles

It’s perfectly coherent with my thesis crying in the morning looking at the musical The phantom of the Opera. I read the book years ago and I loved it… The french romanticism and depth, increased by the unique beauty of the language… La dame aux Camelias, Notre-Dame de Paris, Madame Bovary, La morte amoureuse, Le fleurs du mal… French literature of the XIX century. All those books struck me and I recall them for details; in reading in fact, it’s very personal the meaning and importance we give to different parts and details of a story. I couldn’t live without it because reality it’s much more beautiful if we connect some romance to that. And reading sad, deadly story of passion helps reminding how beautiful is life! French are sad Italians, no way to doubt that… While in our literature love triumphs and God is over us to help (let’s think of Dante and Manzoni!), in French literature the masterwork are written by deeply sad people with problems in their couple (death of a beloved one, homosexuality and so on), often resolved by alcol and drugs (the poets maudits sinking in absinth and hallucinogens). And so the operas end badly, with the madness and/or subsequently death of the hero. I find it beautiful. I promessi sposi doesn’t move my soul to that point of morbid com-passion. Suffering in reading helps to well relate in real life, where evil and passion are the most addictive drugs… I bet that in the Divine comedy we all appreciate and remember more than anything else the “Inferno”, isn’t it? And particularly the second giro (fifth canto), where the history of Paolo & Francesca is told by the latter, burning in a vortex of fire for the eternity with her lover… for the sin of lust. Dante for the emotion falls “come corpo morto cadde”. Nothing else move our souls like the tragic history of love do.

What I finally watched this morning touched my heart again, because once again a french branded musical transpired passion with its death’s side – ethos and tanatos, destructive forces. Like Notre-Dame by Richard Cocciante(the MASTERWORK in my opinion by excellence) – and there’s no surprise if the musician as well preferred France’s romance as well – the music is playing in my head non-stop.

The coherence I referred above with my thesis derives to the fact that I regress in french literature there as well (and in many other fields)! Links to reality are the most beautiful thing that studying gives us.

“Fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e conoscenza” (Dante,XXVI).


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Monologues that should make thinking out of the mob but that truly don’t help

The literature of monologues great personalities did is almost infinite. Their phrases become legend and are used in random occasions – I myself love quoting. It’s always beautiful and comforting to read that stuff – it’s not a coincidence that Ronda Byrne had a massive success with her “The secret”, a book composed by a puzzle of ancient philosophies mixed up with the typical American pragmatic thought. Reading helps – in Buddhism Learning it’s one of the 4 noble states that beings to Buddahood; but it’s useless if your life is stuck in it and that’s why it matches with Realization (for a detailed explanation read All the personalities give suggestions on how to make success but actually nobody explained them their path and nobody between them have ever said to follow advises. That’s why referring to them is an error.
Be hungry be foolish really resumes the Buddah’s quote: doubt everything – be curious, hungry of truths – and find your own light – everybody else will perceive you’re special. .
Nobody else can live your life in this present. Be free to make errors for others and learn from life.

Be yourself. Everybody else is already taken!

Yes, I am actually fighting with my parents.
Mamma e papà parlo a voi da questa base, tanto avrete capito visto che siete the smartest… Vi amo, ma non posso mai pentirmi di ciò che ho commesso perché mi è servito tutto. Se ogni attimo della vita si ripetesse infinite volte, per me non sarebbe pesante perché ho fatto veramente tutto ciò che ho sempre voluto. E se non mi autocommisero di fronte a voi per un errore è perché è dentro di me che gioco la battaglia più dura: capire lo sbaglio e fare la più severa autocritica cercando però di trasformare il veleno in medicina. Qualcosa di positivo ne uscirà. Non provo sofferenza quando mi rimproverate: mi dispiace solo che stiate male voi, ma cercate di capirmi. Litigare è solo un fastidio che mi fa perdere del tempo che potrebbe essere ottimizzato in altri modi. Vorrei poter aver passato le ore di guerra ad abbracciarvi e a dirvi quanto per me siete importanti, quanto vi sono grata e come non potrei sopportare la vostra assenza nella mia vita: siamo un unicum, un nucleo familiare ed essenziale. Il sangue che scorre nelle mie vene e il mio codice genetico non ha nessun simile di immediatamente prossimo – solo una nonna logorroica e “sofronia”, ma le quali prediche mi mancherebbero se smettesse, e soprattutto è a lei che devo il mio prematuro interesse per Omero alla tenera età di 4 anni.
Scrivo per non urlare e mettermi in conflitto,forse perché nonostante tutte le mie prediche non so come meglio affrontarvi e dirvi ciò che penso. Ma l’istinto mi porta ad usare questa piccola piattaforma globale creata in un felice momento nella terra che mi appartiene come valvola di sfogo.



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Merry Christmas’ Eve!

Those are the days of parties with family and friends, which include super heavy dinners, cheerings and dancing till dusk to burn the fat (this latter goal is easily obtained running fast all around the city at the quest of the last missing gifts). Anyway there’s happiness in the air, December sesh it’s over (well done or sent to January, whatever, it’s holiday) and the world get smaller and much more sensitive. Go to hell to the ones that think it is a consumeristic period! Finally economy seems to turn, shops and restaurants are full and everyone can walk under the lights with the lovely bags of shops! And even spend money on Santa Claus costumes, creams and crazy gifts you’d never consider. I am definitely more in love with this period than ever. You may guess right imagining me with two Guess’ shopping bags with my total new outfit for NYE and another pair of shoes! I will post everything at the right moment, after I’ll have worn the outfit. Even the gifts for my parents are the best than ever but I just can’t ruin them the surprise… Just two more significant pictures:


Merry Christmas dinner, Santa’s heading to Italy!!
Ps our family’s unique 25th December party deserve a special post tomorrow

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Positive things of being single for Christmas

Indeed the best thing is buying yourself gifts you’re sure you’re going to appreciate and use at your own benefit, and to the others’ when it’s about nice outfits and accessories. Thinking of the cost/opportunity you don’t have to feel guilty to spoil yourself 🙂
By now I gifted myself with a Versace passpartout clutch/wallet where I can also keep my phone safe, a gold dress and a gold nail polish (geez, I definitely am a gold addict)… And it’s not finished yet, I’ve just fallen on a black with gold heel Guess’ shoes.
How nice, the phone at the end was my parents’ gift and I can still reward everybody and me too with the excellent results of the two exams I did on the 17th. I can enjoy my holidays and partying deserving them, with J-3 I’ll gift myself with a degree soon… So responsible I’m their only child and I’ve a very small family, they can just have me to be proud of… Luckily, I love everything I do, and study.
Sing out loud happy things, cheers the successes! And love your loved ones (family, friends and cat…right, what should I buy him?).





Indeed waiting the 25th is unuseful, even because the meeting with the charming prince could fall in this extremely romantic period of the year… Then, let’s account he too as a gift!