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Le pari de l’été

Blaise Pascal, mathematician and philosopher, suggested to bet on the existence of God because the possibility of an eternal life in heaven would have been a much bigger gain than the simple loss of time worshipping something that doesn’t exist over lifetime.
My bet was similar: the maximum on the Goddess within me – it’s totally Buddhist, even though I got over the everyday practice. Surviving Monaco for three months in summer, going always out and about both for partying and networking is exhausting and absolutely impossible to do if: a) you’re not on your twenties; b) you are in your twenties but you have not enough energy – in my high and picky parameters; c) you’re engaged – if you are, better to go on a desolate island in any case. I lived my age and this unique moment in my life at best.
Thank you to the old and new friends, to the brief acquaintances – everything forges a mind and nothing happens by case – and especially to my family and to my professor who gave me trust betting on this too.
I won the bet.
I’m safe and sound, with the thesis ready, a clear mind for new projects and studies, an enormous network.
And most of all, I’m happy to be back to real life!
Take out the mandates and give me more fiches!

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Welcome to the life of the Rich and Dysfunctional

I didn’t want to write on this ambitious, senseless/meaningful corner until I was back to the peninsula Italiana as I was pretty busy writing the much more meaningful and revolutionary thesis – did you know that Nietzsche wrote his “So spoke Zarathustra” in Eze? – and much also starting a personal TOP SECRET romance while reading some Russian writers and ending Jordan Belfort’s “The wolf of Wall Street”. Ending it before starting to deep into the very life of the place left alone by the parents was seriously enlightening. In fact, this post bears an expression of the Wolf. Friends, followers and owers friends my life is supposed to be back to normal – which means 3 meals in regular times and some text messages as from the secret contract of parenthood – my extremely amazing stunning fantagenitori…. I wanted to share publicly what I learnt in this depraved (thanks JB again) place while flying free here and there without even a car – in fact I am walking home right now after a fast drive in the Mediterranean Sea. It is a matter of survival: distinguish the Wolf, the aspiring Wolf, the Hopeless, the Miserable. There’s a Normal category but it depends by your points of view and in mine whoever lives here or even attend here cannot be considered like that. In fact, like in Pareto’s law, the few that makes it are automatically geniuses and differently from the original Wolf they don’t even need to abuse drugs – this is heaven, if you consider Crystal and Dom Perignon something hurtful giving addiction and of what you can abuse, so yeah probably you might want to be in the place. Actually it’s considered disgusting drinking and be out of control, business and reputation are the very core here. If you show up and tell bullshits, you fuck visibly around and you get drunk very often (or the 3 together) and you ask too many questions or you give too many details about your life you’ll go automatically from aspiring or hopeless to miserable. Here’s competitive, you can achieve great results and/or money to live well off easily – as easy is to lose everything as well. The same with marriages. I actually received some proposals on both kind of works – pro and household – as it is fashion. But actually, is it that worth? To that I answer – YES. Life is a surprise, life deserve not to be about continuous complain as it is in all the rest of the world! Work, taxes, politics, scandals and money, family, problems, school, anger, tiresome and ENVY against whoever makes it and complaints against the home nation and how it would be great to live elsewhere. I had to experience it and make great home fights to experience and truly understand. Parents are dumb of course, appearance is about many miserables and escorts – but it’s not the whole vision, it is just a part of it to be aware of. And to be aware of, you have to survive those kind of depravity. As it is to survive envious boring normal average people. Excuses to my friends, followers, relatives, grandma: you call me crazy and don’t take advantage of my generosity in inviting you to experience so here’s my confession. Your normality is probably my killer and my saver. Life is more positivity than negativity and the latter must be overthrown – so overthrow your conceptions and live smartly! Because heaven cannot be joined easily – there’s still to resist temptation… And wherever temptation is abundant is much more interesting 😉











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F1 Grand Prix Monaco 2014


I am sorry I wasn’t quick to add my vision during the period as I didn’t find a minute – contrary to what I expected as I figured out staying calm at the beach. It was the first year I could enjoy the GP as an adult: last year I was in Belgium, the other ones between high school, engagement and the willing to get rid of my parents for a few beautiful days I probably avoided or I don’t remember by now because I was too young and excluded to the very social life I am doing now. This year I was looking forward breathing the atmosphere by night, and contrarily from the Master Series week I couldn’t care less of watching cars riding not so fast on a circuit I use to do hundreds of time per year – fast as well – from a single spot. Live tennis makes you see the speed and the match closely, you suffer for every point… F1’s not the same. But in Monte Carlo, while during the tournament the coolest thing is going to the Country Club – of course there are events, but they are “slightly above above the already right average” – for the GP there’s a boom. This year people had the choice of going to dance at the Vip Room (opened for the occasion under the Zelo’s, above the Grimaldi forum), Twiga (opened by Briatore on Thursday the 22nd) , Billionaire (every year Briatore gets a huge space in Fairmont hotel), the bars on the port full of animations (I find them always to crowded and noisy)… Plus as usual Jimmy’z (Bob Sinclair was there again the 25th), Sass, Buddah Bar, Sunset (beach parties at Meridien), Sea Lounge…. I am sure I forgot something, may someone help? As usual is ironical because everything is different over this weekend, starting from the prices that miraculously bumps to the stars. I had a panic attack in Billionaire last Friday while Naomi Campbell and Leonardo Di Caprio were celebrating the model’s birthday in the upper space with bodyguards and thousands of people were glued drunk on the dance floor. It can happen to me, I hate being too much surrounded by sweat massed people on a general heat… Suddenly I feel like I’m short on breaths, I feel very nervous and confused. Then I must run out of the mob. Luckily I was saved by a couch, with some vodka in a near table!! I went out shoeless…


You gotta be very drunk to bear that, or get a separated table. What’s the point in spending 5000€ for a bottle otherwise? Actually, I think it’s pretty stupid… Unless you wanna pay a demonstration of how hell should be – vicious and attractive people are all in in fact. The next day I re-fell in but fortunately I had a delicious dinner at Beefbar and had some champagne at casino while looking at a real blackjack lesson – I gave up playing the roulette, now I prefer to watch others.
Cutting all the details – my tendency of fulfilling every minute of my life – the next day I even managed to see the race from a friend’s terrace! It was a party more then a vision, and afterwards I joined other friends at a beach party in sunset to finally go back exhausted in Buddah bat where I literally fell asleep on a friend’s shoulder ( I had been walking at least 10km plus the 8 floors by feet all over the day) … With a coffee we even managed to go to Vip Room.
It was EXHAUSTING, truly (and I don’t get exhausted easily); if such crazy weekends were to be established the world could stop spinning. Luckily normal periods are calmer 😉 Anyway it’s worth trying and I’d replay everything! I just suggest not to go there for the GP if you want just visit your first time because it is HELL driving and it’s so difficult to have a proper conversation anybody…!!! How the second littler independent town of the world with it’s 2km2 area can get that coveted and actually fill that amount of people partying and spending excessively? The littlest is the Vatican, I guess in little dimensions are cradles….
I hope I gave you an idea of the true reasons of why people is so excited about it and forget going to Cannes for the festival as in comparison it’s “cheap” (I wish I was there the week before, never mind…)




I’ll never insert a full guide of the places but for any information I am glad to help you in case you want details!

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New beginning same hopes

Happy new year to my readers and followers!! I celebrated pretty well this new year, I can’t complain for anything. I had dinner at my friends’ hotel and then went out at Jimmy’z… We had a super dinner and I was tipsy the right way at the end. I was so happy to find Rubens – my infamous cat – in the bed; he was strangely sweeter than ever, kissing my hand while I was falling asleep. The sexiest end, I couldn’t have a better company 😉

1st of January to let the company recover and celebrate the Italian way with my parents. In Italy we use to eat “cotechino e lenticchie”; lentils mean money and there’s no way Italians could avoid such a dish in this day. The meat is very fat – it’s made out of a pig’s trotter – and we’re unlikely to eat it normally.

It’s so tasty!!
After that I feel obliged to burn going to dance somewhere, I am pretty glad I went out again even if Monte-Carlo looked like splashed in desolation, with Before and Jimmy’z closed..! So we headed to Buddah Bar, mostly full of Italians… I was with an Italian friend, so let’s cheer to my good living nation hoping this year will take money and business’ ideas (degree in hand) and new experiences in other town and continents.
A woman is never too rich and thin!



Christmas’ food shopping

I absolutely adore going food shopping with my parents at Monaco’s Carrefour, especially under Xmas! There’s no need to talk about the lights and the atmosphere – Monaco’s shining, aneverywhere, the port has an awesome village with full of delicacies and there’s an Olympic swimming pool transformed for ice skating -.
I want to indulge on food and alcohols, so here’s some pics.







Nice bottles huh? Though I’m astonished again even in this period there’s no vodka Beluga…But I found another way to get it, ssssht 😉 


Belvedere and Grey Goose are everywhere and are even more expensive! Going commercial is not very trustable locally…

The best things we put in the basket are:

Not to talk about wines… It’s impossible to drink a good rosé wine in my nation, it’s not our culture (but I feel it from my French ancestors).

In my opinion Ovomaltine crunchy cream is even better than Nutella. In Italy there’s no choice, you have only this… I had been looking everywhere, I checked if I could order it on the web but in Austrian websites it’s crazy to spend 20€.
So anybody interested in my exporting “unfindable” delicacies?