Literature, passion and death in French literature über alles

It’s perfectly coherent with my thesis crying in the morning looking at the musical The phantom of the Opera. I read the book years ago and I loved it… The french romanticism and depth, increased by the unique beauty of the language… La dame aux Camelias, Notre-Dame de Paris, Madame Bovary, La morte amoureuse, Le fleurs du mal… French literature of the XIX century. All those books struck me and I recall them for details; in reading in fact, it’s very personal the meaning and importance we give to different parts and details of a story. I couldn’t live without it because reality it’s much more beautiful if we connect some romance to that. And reading sad, deadly story of passion helps reminding how beautiful is life! French are sad Italians, no way to doubt that… While in our literature love triumphs and God is over us to help (let’s think of Dante and Manzoni!), in French literature the masterwork are written by deeply sad people with problems in their couple (death of a beloved one, homosexuality and so on), often resolved by alcol and drugs (the poets maudits sinking in absinth and hallucinogens). And so the operas end badly, with the madness and/or subsequently death of the hero. I find it beautiful. I promessi sposi doesn’t move my soul to that point of morbid com-passion. Suffering in reading helps to well relate in real life, where evil and passion are the most addictive drugs… I bet that in the Divine comedy we all appreciate and remember more than anything else the “Inferno”, isn’t it? And particularly the second giro (fifth canto), where the history of Paolo & Francesca is told by the latter, burning in a vortex of fire for the eternity with her lover… for the sin of lust. Dante for the emotion falls “come corpo morto cadde”. Nothing else move our souls like the tragic history of love do.

What I finally watched this morning touched my heart again, because once again a french branded musical transpired passion with its death’s side – ethos and tanatos, destructive forces. Like Notre-Dame by Richard Cocciante(the MASTERWORK in my opinion by excellence) – and there’s no surprise if the musician as well preferred France’s romance as well – the music is playing in my head non-stop.

The coherence I referred above with my thesis derives to the fact that I regress in french literature there as well (and in many other fields)! Links to reality are the most beautiful thing that studying gives us.

“Fatti non foste a viver come bruti, ma per seguir virtute e conoscenza” (Dante,XXVI).



Formidable, jamais fort-minable!


Questo ragazzo mi piace. Classe 1985, lineamenti esotici, tanta arte. Perchè di arte si parla: i testi sono densi di significato, le clip originali e l’interpretazione alla finale di Sanremo è stata da brividi. Non l’ho incontrato in Belgio, l’ho perso qua in Italia, magari c’è speranza nella magica Costa Azzurra? Abbiamo visto tutto, le canzoni più belle sono passate – adesso sono solo melodie rifatte o giochi elettronici – sulla scena internazionale attuale gli esordienti possono sperare di spaccare e avere i 15 giorni di fama se da quasi minorenni a Los Angeles sfiorano il rehab, violano qualche legge e/o fanno clip dove compaiono lingue, smorfie e corpi nudi con tanto di tatuaggi e piercings. Vestiti e accessori che sarebbero lussosi e simboli di eleganza stracciati o mescolati male nel contesto e negli outfits di tutti i giorni. Qua in Europa nulla sciocca e fa parlare, poco va oltreoceano. Ma Paul Van Haver ce la fa. E ce la fa con profondità,sentimento e carisma. Fossi stata all’ Ariston avrei fatto più baccano. Congratulations!
Tous le mêmes, ah oui!

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A line of actuality

Talking about the present moment and the fact of living so intensively to forget, I wondered that sometimes I disappear from this blog and when I am active I speak of simple things letting the world spin as always. I hate to do things because I must, but I feel sorry for those who sometimes read my lines. For instance, it would have been nice to look deeper on the present facts, like the Olimpic games in Sochi – the presentation was awesome -, the Kiev facts, the Italian new prime minister Renzi – something most of Italians hoped to see, un- democratically set to power but still the person to be one year ago at the place of Letta, unwanted and unknown for most (I’d like to open a parenthesis on that ugly wrinkled economist of my socks Monti that set our economy down and still is a senator for life…). Ah, and the Italian festival Sanremo (of which I don’t care, as I like old foreign songs, you’ll see).
The fact is, I search facts that other writes (in three words: I am lazy) and I am so likely to express my opinion in every occasion that here I am fed up. This is still not an active blog like the one of Beppe Grillo, chapeau for him and how he got known and went at the parliament. I am writing a thesis on political communication, exploring the revolutionary languages in movies. My daily bread is politics and languages. I miserably failed the exam of finance, and I must re-do it in the last sesh for neo-graduates, I am quite stressed and still I have a new hobby: download Russian songs, listen to them until boredom and sleep, learn the new words and then sing out loud in the street of my European City in Russian. The idea came to me at Buddah bar last week, as with SoundHound I got new titles. Then, I had for long wanted to sing perfectly the hymn of Moscow that doesn’t believe in tears – that bears my name by case – Александра. After all the old playlist of French songs, if I was at Saint Plon in this period I would switch to Russian 🙂
Voilà my hymn and a video that takes us all to Monaco disco mix style:

Не сразу всё устроилось, Москва не сразу строилась
Москва слезам не верила, а верила любви
Снегами запорошена, листвою заворожена
Найдёт тепло прохожему, а деревцу земли

–RF– Александра, Александра, это город наш с тобою
Стали мы его судьбою, ты вглядись в его лицо
Что бы ни было вначале утолит он все печали
Вот и стало обручальным нам Садовое кольцо

Москву рябины красили, дубы стояли князями
Но не они, а ясени без спросу наросли
Москва не зря надеется, что вся в листву оденется
Москва найдёт для деревца хоть краешек земли

–RF1– Александра, Александра, что там вьётся перед нами
Это ясень семенами крутит вальс над мостовой
Ясень с видом деревенским приобщился к вальсам венским
Он пробьётся, Александра, он надышится Москвой

Москва тревог не прятала, Москва видала всякое
Но беды все и горести склонялись перед ней
Любовь Москвы не быстрая, но верная и чистая
Поскольку материнская любовь других сильней

–RF2– Александра, Александра, это город наш с тобою
Стали мы его судьбою, ты вглядись в его лицо
Что бы ни было вначале утолит он все печали
|Вот и стало обручальным нам Садовое кольцо


In all the ordinary chaos, I must not forget Russian: this is the future language, not chinese!! And it is so deep and full of musicality… I am impressed that all Russian songs talk about love.
Soon I’ll post a video of myself as a singer, promised!
And some silly but maybe less than they may seem not common things that are not actuality but blonde food – or salad? -. Have a good Saturday night fever – talking about singers of the 80s, happy birthday to the Rolling Stones -!



How to throw a proper party.


  • Everybody brings bottles, and the host may be careful there is every kind of these;
  • I insist on the quality of bottles;
  • Food is unnecessary, but peanuts always fit;
  • The speed of music increases proportionally with the level of alcol;
  • A slow classic in the middle is wonderful;
  • An hookah is a touch of class and a way to have collective visions with some vodka inside;
  • The host should be careful to choose guests, mixing the same level of people;
  • A little dresscode is fun, – eg hot pants, black&gold, sixties- ;
  • Little games during the party are welcome.
  • Plastic glasses, I’ve recently learnt this must be a rule….

It’s super easy, isn’t it? It’s one of the few things in which I believe union makes force, at least in order to have a perfect open bar! There’s no reason for not hosting parties in my opinion, life is beautiful if we’re able to celebrate the good moments with well chosen friends and yet open-minded for the best. If you celebrate every minimal success the law of attraction will give you even more. I am very thankful.


Party before the erasmus


Party after the erasmus


Sliding slow with daddy at my 18th super birthday party ❤


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Getting lucky with blurred lines

ImagePharrel Williams was featuring in both of those hits of the summer and has sold two million singles in just about 16 weeks.

I guess those two songs made the summer of many as they made mine, so I got interested in reading both lyrics carefully and find the resemblances in such successes, even if at first they look completely different by titles and style. In fact, while blurred lines is explicitly sexual and makes dirty dancing everybody, get lucky maintains a softer style even if at the end the result is the same: get the girl. I would never have imagined more proper songs for a summer! Blurred lines was victim of a lot of criticism from feminists, I would’t say anything original from what this blogger expressed:
I write in Italian the meaning of blurred lines, to give my friends the impulse of looking through the lines of english songs instead of being passive.

Una “linea sfuocata” si ha quando una ragazza agisce come se non volesse un ragazzo che in realtà le interessa e allora lui cerca di sfiorare la linea che li separa. A livello sessuale si riferisce a quelle ragazze interessate ad avventure occasionali ma che devono mantenere l’apparenza di brave e pure. Nella canzone l’ambiguità consiste nella volontà di Ticke di flirtare con una ragazza impegnata in un’altra relazione. Le linee sono legami personali che vengono scelti nella vita intima di una persona. Di solito appaiono sfocate quando l’uomo non accetta un no.

“Diventare fortunati”  succede quando siamo predisposti agli incontri, quando conosciamo qualcuno per la prima volta e qualcosa scatta, tutto è possibile. Il presente della canzone non ha fiocchi perché quello che è successo resta nell’aria; potenzialmente la ragazza può legarsi ad altri ma rimane una promessa futura, nel caso ci sia modo di rincontrarsi. Qua “l’amore” trascende il tempo. Ed eccoci però tornati su delle linee sfocate.

I think life is about many kinds of blurred lines. I am deeply superficial to take these songs as exemplum.