Hard Power vs. Hard Power

This morning I read the news about Trump’s missile strike on the Syrian air base. Despite the horror of the chemical attack I was totally surprised Trump would turn against Assad, who is an ally for Russia–to which apparently the approach would be different to the previous administration. But then I started strolling on the chemical attacks and I couldn’t even see through the images as I was about to throw up (I am very sensitive to blood and even more to deformations and illness). Assad is really unforgivable. So Trump did something strong but enormously thought. He told Russia what he intended to do and Russians were moved out of that air base. Then his missiles hit the air base. Friends prevented, he acted. So he defended those poor hit civilians not losing friendship with Moscow. Putin is tied up into his alliance with Assad and couldn’t act anyway. Despite Putin condemning the actions–the media’s version–I think the truth lies elsewhere. Trump has billions invested in Russia and his Secretary of State was awarded the Order of Friendship by Putin himself. So there’s no way Putin didn’t know about the attack in its precise details (Trump already revealed it would retaliate, we knew he was organising it in the Pentagon last days). Thus the truth about Trump and Putin lies elsewhere. Medias can act and say whatever they want as usual, but they are disgraceful and they would better be not listened to at all (in fact my website is in construction, and will be aimed to make fun of official information). Truth is that crimes such as Hitler’s and Assad’s can’t be tolerated–we can’t keep someone like this just because “he holds his country in shambles.” We can’t kill him either–that’s why killing Khadafi was idiotic and unfair. All the international community must criticise Assad, and I am sure Putin does too but can’t be overt about it. It’s just like World War II and Nazism. We are all at risk and Russia is moving its position again to fight for the Ally side. And split its share of world order again. Will it be multipolar then? There is the most subtle and exquisite diplomacy on game here and we are very lucky to have Trump and Putin to take care of world order. Even if it will end up with a nuclear bomb, finally we’ll stop with our civilians killed. We must give safety back to our capitals–a city like Stockholm, where Nobel prizes are given, should never be hit! Furthermore, Swedish are not dicks as French! We should be curious and not at all frightened–unless indeed we travel into capitals, but sure it will change. By now I enjoy my approaching degree in the sun of Italy and my beautiful Queen-life in the English countryside–with a gap for Easter in luscious French Riviera.

And as my website’s posts must be for laugh and not cry, let’s laugh at Antonio Razzi and his selfie with Bashar al-Assad. After his declared friendship and admiration with Kim Jong Un indeed a selfie with the other world tyrant was what an Italian minister was requested to do… to brag on his friends.


There is a grammatical error that follows his reply to critiques on Twitter that makes everybody envious too of not having studied and attained something such as his post in the Parliament nevertheless…


Putin, кабачки ix! – spiaccicali

http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/08/g7-leaders-sanctions-russia-ukraine-conflict-obama La Russia, sempre fuori dal G8, viene minacciata da un embargo più severo. Giustamente Putin risponde che è pronto ad esaminare “tutte le azioni necessarie per contrastare l’isolamento degli Usa e della Nato nei suoi confronti”!!! Come appassionata di relazioni internazionali posso apprezzare l’ONU negli ideali e nella composizione – il Consiglio di Sicurezza sarà sempre formato da quei cinque Stati vincitori della seconda guerra mondiale più altri dieci a rotazione -, ma tutta la marmaglia di altri organismi sovranazionali (tra cui l’UE) e/o di cooperazione che cosa sono?? … Una maniera degli Stati Uniti di imporre la loro egemonia su di noi che non ci combiniamo una cippa con loro, ecco cosa sono!!! Ed oggi che mi informo sugli accadimenti del G7 di ieri e sento ancora minacciare la mia Russia che tanto viene allontanata da noi mi sento sempre più circondata da scenari neri, tanto che vorrei piangere sulla spalla del mio relatore Marco Tarchi che ha scritto un libro CONTRO L’AMERICANISMO. E scriverci insieme un’altra tesi complottista. Abbiamo avuto le nostre possibilità di stare fuori da questa tragedia che vedrà sempre più rom e africani a discapito dei ricchi ed affascinanti russi nella nostra terra – e l’abbiamo fatta fuori! Questa possibilità si chiamava Silvio Berlusconi ed era in ottimi rapporti con questo Putin e quel Gheddafi che gli Stati Uniti tramite i suoi cagnolini hanno fatto fuori. Compreso il nostro presidente. E adesso mentre ci impoveriamo tutti per i dettami dell’Ue imposti a loro volta dall’amicizia con le stelle e le loro strisce che legano, il capitalismo vero e la forza restano all’interno della Russia – che se li impiegasse farebbe anche bene. Gli scenari per l’Italia sono talmente tragici che o ci liberiamo di questa dittatura buttandoci in una, anche violenta, guerra interna o calcolando i costi/benefici e la forse effettiva impossibilità di abbassarsi a discutere con gli stupidi che ci battono con l’esperienza ci facciamo un piantino e ce ne andiamo… ma non in “Europa”, bensì in Russia, India o America Latina!! É meglio vivere un giorno da leone che cento anni da pecora…. riflettete!!! silvio_putin_69 Президент Путин, это письмо для вас… Я боюсь здесь сейчас, в Италии. Я знаю что сейчас мне ещё нужно практиковать с русском языке для говорить этот отлично; а думаю, что на будущей я может бить буду одна между вашему интеллигенция. Один из моей мечты – знать Берлускони -стал реальность, а теперь я надеюсь что политика будет взять меня к вам тоже. Я уважаю вас искренне. IMG_0050

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A line of actuality

Talking about the present moment and the fact of living so intensively to forget, I wondered that sometimes I disappear from this blog and when I am active I speak of simple things letting the world spin as always. I hate to do things because I must, but I feel sorry for those who sometimes read my lines. For instance, it would have been nice to look deeper on the present facts, like the Olimpic games in Sochi – the presentation was awesome -, the Kiev facts, the Italian new prime minister Renzi – something most of Italians hoped to see, un- democratically set to power but still the person to be one year ago at the place of Letta, unwanted and unknown for most (I’d like to open a parenthesis on that ugly wrinkled economist of my socks Monti that set our economy down and still is a senator for life…). Ah, and the Italian festival Sanremo (of which I don’t care, as I like old foreign songs, you’ll see).
The fact is, I search facts that other writes (in three words: I am lazy) and I am so likely to express my opinion in every occasion that here I am fed up. This is still not an active blog like the one of Beppe Grillo, chapeau for him and how he got known and went at the parliament. I am writing a thesis on political communication, exploring the revolutionary languages in movies. My daily bread is politics and languages. I miserably failed the exam of finance, and I must re-do it in the last sesh for neo-graduates, I am quite stressed and still I have a new hobby: download Russian songs, listen to them until boredom and sleep, learn the new words and then sing out loud in the street of my European City in Russian. The idea came to me at Buddah bar last week, as with SoundHound I got new titles. Then, I had for long wanted to sing perfectly the hymn of Moscow that doesn’t believe in tears – that bears my name by case – Александра. After all the old playlist of French songs, if I was at Saint Plon in this period I would switch to Russian 🙂
Voilà my hymn and a video that takes us all to Monaco disco mix style:

Не сразу всё устроилось, Москва не сразу строилась
Москва слезам не верила, а верила любви
Снегами запорошена, листвою заворожена
Найдёт тепло прохожему, а деревцу земли

–RF– Александра, Александра, это город наш с тобою
Стали мы его судьбою, ты вглядись в его лицо
Что бы ни было вначале утолит он все печали
Вот и стало обручальным нам Садовое кольцо

Москву рябины красили, дубы стояли князями
Но не они, а ясени без спросу наросли
Москва не зря надеется, что вся в листву оденется
Москва найдёт для деревца хоть краешек земли

–RF1– Александра, Александра, что там вьётся перед нами
Это ясень семенами крутит вальс над мостовой
Ясень с видом деревенским приобщился к вальсам венским
Он пробьётся, Александра, он надышится Москвой

Москва тревог не прятала, Москва видала всякое
Но беды все и горести склонялись перед ней
Любовь Москвы не быстрая, но верная и чистая
Поскольку материнская любовь других сильней

–RF2– Александра, Александра, это город наш с тобою
Стали мы его судьбою, ты вглядись в его лицо
Что бы ни было вначале утолит он все печали
|Вот и стало обручальным нам Садовое кольцо


In all the ordinary chaos, I must not forget Russian: this is the future language, not chinese!! And it is so deep and full of musicality… I am impressed that all Russian songs talk about love.
Soon I’ll post a video of myself as a singer, promised!
And some silly but maybe less than they may seem not common things that are not actuality but blonde food – or salad? -. Have a good Saturday night fever – talking about singers of the 80s, happy birthday to the Rolling Stones -!


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Продавайте виллу в красивой Италии – Тоскана!! Ovvero…arrivano i Russi (speriamo!)





Я – и мой отец- чувствовала бы очень рада поговорить о делах с русскими…
I refer to Russians because they invest and I personally know and see how much they like French Riviera (Лазурной Ривьере) and Forte dei Marmi (Форте дей Марми). I am proud I translated the website in that language, but the offer is for everybody – INVESTMENT is the word. As we are similar люди, we would like to propose some affairs in Tuscany and especially in the areas  near to Livorno (Forte dei Marmi included), a nostalgic communist city – I’m talking about its local power –  that would have a high potential though… Can you see its position? In the middle of Italy, with islands easy joinable by yachts, between the seaside and hills; same history than our beloved places in the French département des Alpes-Maritimes… And with a beach club that would have the potential to look like the  Nikki Beach in Saint Tropez:  Calafuria  (check a previous post and on the web ;)).
All that would just need a little dose of capitalism – it doesn’t kill nobody, right? – , sniffing some money and REAL FUN.
Change we can believe in!!!

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я хочу идти в Россия! A Russian friendly post

I wanna go to Russia. That country so full of history and contradictions,where the two extremes of history took place: the absolutism of the цари (zar) and коммунизм (communism). A travel into the deep Russia, to discover their traditions and interact with these people, so deep and warm hearted, different of how many people like to stereotype. Like my teacher in Belgium, who liked me because I liked the impossible and I was/am a stakanovist. She also used to say that italians and russians are similar and a marriage between them is a “Si-Da”. Helpful people, with deep traditions like the ones we have in Italy; because apart the capitals,-Rome and once Saint Petersburg,- all the other cities were town with characteristic traditions. The major differences are the temperatures and the loss in Italy of home made vodka.

I write this post after having read an article on the New York Times, which I’d like to share:


When I was little one of my favourite cartoons was Anastasia.

titleAnastasiaI had the chance of rewatching it recently,which made me think of my teacher’s joke that probably in another life I was russian. In that case,I am probably just remembering what I’ve been experiencing 🙂

That explains why in Paris I fell on Rasputin nightclub and ended up having Beluga shots.

I am referring to the best vodka in the world, the one so heavenly good with caviar…. and so damn hard to find in Europe, unless you go in high Russian friendly places (eg, Jimmy’z nightclub in Monte-Carlo).

download (2)

На здоровье!

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Cold makes feel (more) alive


…and there’s nothing like a Russian sauna in a northern city’s evening. 15 minutes getting HOT then running under a freezing shower with 6° of external temperature. You get used so fast that you can keep on watching the stars naked outside. I was surprised to know that the moon in eastern cultures is the male, and sun is the female because the latter gives life to everything; in Latin countries genres are inverted, and for me its logical because the moon is mysterious and has 30 days cycle’s length. Playing Juliet’s role I prayed my Romeo: ‘‘Oh, don’t swear by the moon. It’s not constant — over the month it changes in shape. Is that how your love is?”… in the Italian translation Moon is a lady, I just would never thought it was to relativise too! We eastern countries do have Cultures (capital ones).

Maybe I myself defend the genre of the moon because I feel comfortable with her, it covers all the secrets so quietly, like a skilled woman. Like the cold, after having fixed your thoughts on it’s strongness it’s so enjoyable to have a drink and/or go to bed, undressed by the weight of the day. Every secret appears clear to those who share it, but as soon as the sun comes up the magic fades away.