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I did it! After an incredibly intense exhausting summer – for my standards, that is relaxing and regenerating -, I came back to my native country with a clear and determined mind. I’m always happy in September, the seasons in which true sensed warmth are starting from now! It’s time to make a treasure from the summer’s experiences and networks, it’s time to handle up our lives on a business level and maybe on a sentimental one – talking for my readers, it can be understood. I’m on the creative motivated side: thesis soon, readings, the bureaucratic stuff to enter a new path of study. I won’t leave political sciences and all that comes from this: communications, international politics and relationships, languages, economy, finance, history etc. я не хочу жениться, я хочу учиться! And since when the university itself rewards me with scholarships (I got 2 of them for productivity and well doing), my very cultivated family – all lawyers and professors…- spoils me and supports me to make me study – l’m the unique child and nephew -, I have special discounts and last but not least studying is not even an effort for me as I live to learn and continuously have challenges… who needs anything else? So since when I’ve came back I kept on moving and I had little time even to sleep – as always, I keep myself busy in other not to waste time. September 1st I bought myself a gift and Apple awarded me with the Education discount: I invested on a McBook Air. Stop getting mad with other products, Apple is esthetically and efficiently the best. No one EVER bought a Mac with so much decision and speed. I was watching the clock while they were installing programs as I was late somewhere else and so I thanked and assured I would have finished everything at home. I was biking (my parents managed to break the Smart car while I was away) with the precious packet and at home I found astonishment. Why waiting a gift for the degree when I live on the edge of excitement and celebration to be home after 2 moths and a half? Live the beauty of the present, because tomorrow is a mystery… and I’ll have other rewards anyway! So installations were made yesterday night, after having hugged my beloved friends in Kavarna – it’s not that important where you go and who you are with, if the owners and the mood are familiar you’ll always feel at home and lucky. I slept maybe 4 hours and today I was in Florence sooooo happy to see my professor, the guardians, the president of the faculty etc! My mum went at the Apple store to have her iPhone repaired for free in 30 minutes meanwhile – again, Apple is the best technology to invest in even for the guarrantee it gives…. In accordance to the theories “The best or nothing” and “Live and think in abundance”, daddy was waiting at home to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate and then I strolled out to see my best girlfriends immediately after! Sleepless for the innate sickness of vampirism, this is the first post with my new jewel.

New Year has begun! Did you know that in Russia until 1700 it started in September? Russians have different New Years… In fact it’s relative and there’s no reason to celebrate just once!!

Ps. Someone commented on the post about summer’s impossible  engagement that what I write looks like the Triumphs of Baccus and Arianna… and this someone is perfectly right! Italian Renaissance… The Tuscan’s contribute to the continuity in the beauty, joy and civilization – culture, art, instruction, health and delicious food, etc. – that started in my very country since Roman Empire and the Magna Grecia. 

Quant’è bella giovinezza,
che si fugge tuttavia!
Chi vuol esser lieto, sia:
di doman non c’è certezza.

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Le pari de l’été

Blaise Pascal, mathematician and philosopher, suggested to bet on the existence of God because the possibility of an eternal life in heaven would have been a much bigger gain than the simple loss of time worshipping something that doesn’t exist over lifetime.
My bet was similar: the maximum on the Goddess within me – it’s totally Buddhist, even though I got over the everyday practice. Surviving Monaco for three months in summer, going always out and about both for partying and networking is exhausting and absolutely impossible to do if: a) you’re not on your twenties; b) you are in your twenties but you have not enough energy – in my high and picky parameters; c) you’re engaged – if you are, better to go on a desolate island in any case. I lived my age and this unique moment in my life at best.
Thank you to the old and new friends, to the brief acquaintances – everything forges a mind and nothing happens by case – and especially to my family and to my professor who gave me trust betting on this too.
I won the bet.
I’m safe and sound, with the thesis ready, a clear mind for new projects and studies, an enormous network.
And most of all, I’m happy to be back to real life!
Take out the mandates and give me more fiches!


Tips to the greatest satisfactory life as a student


Per prima cosa, vivi e godi. Per ultima, brucia i rimorsi di non essere qualcuno che sgobba sui libri leggendo e interessandoti a ciò che fai; anche soltanto divertendoti a sottolineare, scrivere, colorare. Qualcosa in testa c’entra sempre, almeno per osmosi… Con dei piccoli talismani e accorgimenti, tutto passa in maniera piacevole. Per me poi, anche troppo veloce. Ho un record di 13 esami in 8 mesi di cui 6 in due settimane alla fine dell’erasmus: per farlo mi segnavo ad almeno 2 esami in un appello, tentavo e al massimo ridavo sapendo già almeno i 3/4. Per ciò in cui hai interesse i voti sono alti; per altri vale la fortuna; per i disastri si rimedierà. Oggi ho dato l’ultimo esame del mio corso di laurea triennale. Esame complicato visto che l’avevo scelto io e le cose che faccio per passione sono quelle che più mi mettono pressione perché non c’è nessuna materia comunemente definita semplice che mi attragga. Ero così ansiosa che per dormire mi sono servite una camomilla e 5 pasticche di valeriana – e mi sono comunque addormentata dopo tre ore di insonnia, avendo la sveglia alle 6.30am. Mi sono fatta una moka intera ed innumerevoli sigarette. I miei genitori erano sconvolti già solo per il caffè. Quest’ultima prova mi ha provata per davvero. Perché se non ce l’avessi fatta avrei dovuto mettermi di fronte all’evidenza che di fronte ai bagordi della settimana del mio compleanno – dove sono uscita 6/7 sere facendo sempre tardissimo – nemmeno io avevo retto. E invece no, alla faccia vostra, io ci sono. E ho passato scienza delle finanze direttamente allo scritto senza bisogno di passare dall’ orale. Posso ributtarmi su tesi e interessi vari adesso. A breve sarò Dottoressa! E poi ricomincerò a studiare, sarò ancora più Dottoressa e filosofeggerò sempre meglio perché io questa vita la adoro… Sono la boss di me stessa che prima di Work hard I party harder, e non ho sveglie che mi impongono di alzarmi per andare al lavoro o a frequentare i corsi – cosa inutile, a meno che tale Prof non abbia un carisma degno del sacrificio….

I can’t write the same suggestions to the students that are studying in a non-italian university because our system is unique and allows you to try exams all the times you want without doubling the year if you fail.  I experienced this system at ULB in Bruxelles and luckily I was in erasmus, otherwise I guess life wouldn’t have been that sparkling. I did 6 exams, some of the hardest, when I was there. I did it because I had nothing to fear, the system applied to me was the italian one… So I even managed to be kicked out from a class with compulsory presence and written works to be presented without consequences – I had great fun explaining I couldn’t care less of the European Union’s lessons, I just wanted to visit the Parliament and eat again there –  I had already been there in 2010 or so – and see a session plainiere in the Commision (in which I fell asleep) with my erasmus’ friends; once I did it and got gadgets I gave up the boredom and concentrated on my favourite subjects. Back to my country I got the super motivation and used our system on my advantages. Today I officially finished all the exams and I have just the thesis ahead; the thesis on which I can count to my cinema passion in a field I love, and on the professor I most respect. So much I respect him, that I am not running anymore – or better, I am running with a calmer pace -, and I point to the possibly best considered work from the whole Scientific Community. I am so happy for how I managed my life as a student since now, that it still seems me almost impossible to think that when I began my erasmus experience I was behind everyone in my year of study… What I am singing out loud is the mothod I finally got that helped me to achieve those successes. The method that will possibly make me a student for many other degrees, because:

First, have fun. Last, burn your regrets studying and loving the fact that you just have to read something with some interest: there’s no alarm clock ringing, you’re your own boss. And you’ll be a Doctor at the end. A good qualified and experienced – in many senses – Doctor.