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Le pari de l’été

Blaise Pascal, mathematician and philosopher, suggested to bet on the existence of God because the possibility of an eternal life in heaven would have been a much bigger gain than the simple loss of time worshipping something that doesn’t exist over lifetime.
My bet was similar: the maximum on the Goddess within me – it’s totally Buddhist, even though I got over the everyday practice. Surviving Monaco for three months in summer, going always out and about both for partying and networking is exhausting and absolutely impossible to do if: a) you’re not on your twenties; b) you are in your twenties but you have not enough energy – in my high and picky parameters; c) you’re engaged – if you are, better to go on a desolate island in any case. I lived my age and this unique moment in my life at best.
Thank you to the old and new friends, to the brief acquaintances – everything forges a mind and nothing happens by case – and especially to my family and to my professor who gave me trust betting on this too.
I won the bet.
I’m safe and sound, with the thesis ready, a clear mind for new projects and studies, an enormous network.
And most of all, I’m happy to be back to real life!
Take out the mandates and give me more fiches!

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Getting lucky with blurred lines

ImagePharrel Williams was featuring in both of those hits of the summer and has sold two million singles in just about 16 weeks.

I guess those two songs made the summer of many as they made mine, so I got interested in reading both lyrics carefully and find the resemblances in such successes, even if at first they look completely different by titles and style. In fact, while blurred lines is explicitly sexual and makes dirty dancing everybody, get lucky maintains a softer style even if at the end the result is the same: get the girl. I would never have imagined more proper songs for a summer! Blurred lines was victim of a lot of criticism from feminists, I would’t say anything original from what this blogger expressed:
I write in Italian the meaning of blurred lines, to give my friends the impulse of looking through the lines of english songs instead of being passive.

Una “linea sfuocata” si ha quando una ragazza agisce come se non volesse un ragazzo che in realtà le interessa e allora lui cerca di sfiorare la linea che li separa. A livello sessuale si riferisce a quelle ragazze interessate ad avventure occasionali ma che devono mantenere l’apparenza di brave e pure. Nella canzone l’ambiguità consiste nella volontà di Ticke di flirtare con una ragazza impegnata in un’altra relazione. Le linee sono legami personali che vengono scelti nella vita intima di una persona. Di solito appaiono sfocate quando l’uomo non accetta un no.

“Diventare fortunati”  succede quando siamo predisposti agli incontri, quando conosciamo qualcuno per la prima volta e qualcosa scatta, tutto è possibile. Il presente della canzone non ha fiocchi perché quello che è successo resta nell’aria; potenzialmente la ragazza può legarsi ad altri ma rimane una promessa futura, nel caso ci sia modo di rincontrarsi. Qua “l’amore” trascende il tempo. Ed eccoci però tornati su delle linee sfocate.

I think life is about many kinds of blurred lines. I am deeply superficial to take these songs as exemplum.