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A clean January

Hello readers,

January is bizarely one of my favourite months: starting a new year is always exciting, there are many expectations all up to be realised; the cold weather makes enjoying being cozy in the house drinking hot drinks and watching films and series; cuddling under the hottest blanket is better then ever; spa is very welcomed and relaxing; working is up to new challenges and motivation rocks on; holidays, wether on the snow or at the Maldives or St Barth are different from the ones all over the years either for the joy to see the snow and eat fondue or raclette with amazing red wines, either for allowing yourself a longer and paradisiac summer. I go for the cold most of the time, and this year as I previously told my intention of boosting this blog and share more, I will share my week of ski in Kitsbuhel in February. More than all the previous years, this year we start with a better achievement and greater expectations. I am not only referring to my love and all that we have to build together, and the great expectations that I have for us, that will deserve a book.

I am of course referring to the inaugural speech of new president Donal Trump yesterday! How could I let go this? I was having my feet done in the spa while watching the parade and hearing the speech yesterday… I shut the aesthetician and looked at it on my phone for the first time in my life, as for the first time of my life I stayed awake in the night to watch who would be the 45th president of the US. I made a bet that unlike Soros losing 1 billion I could have made money of it. Like on BrexIt. My flaws to waste potential money for my passion must be readdressed in 2017. Anyway, like the Donald say, January 20th, 2017, won’t be forgotten. That was one of the most powerful inauguration US speeches ever (I studied the rhetoric of many of them in my degree in political communication). The new president revealed himself as he showed in the previous months. The outsider. Thanking Barack Obama and his wife is like a mockery as he goes on very hard on the very flaws of America as it is after those shameful presidencies. All that the nation has lost lost for herself in pursuing other’s alleged causes – if those causes weren’t created by the US itself, as most of its covert operations in the past have been discovered. This is the time for America to mind of its business (farsi i cazzi suoi), shining as an example but not imposing to be followed with violence. That DIRTY Obama won a nobel peace prize as he was the first quasi black president in a nation where racism is very common. I am quite sure Hillary Clinton would have won it if she would have became the first quasi woman in the white house (now she’s upgraded as a human relict good for making soap). Quite ironic as they disrupted the Middle East, brought war in several nations and were on the verge of attacking Russia… I say DIRTY Obama going away from an a new CLEAN White House and I am accused of being racist. Why can’t I call him dirty and everyone else not? We all are dirty if we commit sins, a comment as such has nothing to do with racism, and I want to stigmatise that this attitude of calling racist who criticise that man is typical of communists and benpensanti good thinkers, the ones that Trump will finally eradicate as such is the establishment, communists with rolexes. The spirit of communism is still alive, it wants to bring war and spread globalism and uniformity over diversity. I am not racist but I assert that as long as we have the same red patriotic blood (cit. Trump) whites and blacks and yellows do have different cultures, and a woman is different from a man. We all come from different planets and we love each other in our diversity! If I get pissed of course I use metaphors like “that shit of a man, well the colour of shit is the same” or “black monkey”. Blacks have metaphors for us too and are as much racist and clustered… but there is still love!!! If with racism you hate, than you love as well, as those two sentiments are the opposite face of the coin. Th indifference of the US up until now is the true RACISM! I am very proud of this new era as is my mentor and author Alexander Dugin, who I hope is reading my comment from Russia. I can’t wait to insert Katehon’s ( comments over this victory in my dissertation, too. Goal to be achieved in April, right on the academic schedule! If you haven’t seen or read the speech yet, here it is its link. Enjoy, cheers!!!




Escaping the 3rd Intifada

The holy land is devastated by beasts. Beasts that fight and kill thinking a paradise of milk, honey and 20 virgins is waiting for them: beasts that rape women as long as they wish (if she revolts she’s hanged by law); beasts that can marry more women and dictate in family; beasts that obliges all the women not to put a feet in their home countries without being veiled; beasts that don’t allow to visit their religious sites and pretend to take out in the other countries their uses. Especially beasts with a powerful fretting instinct, that make the world more and more populated by little beasts that will grow more and more dangerous because for beasts there’s no history nor values – just violence, food, and fucking. 

Isn’t it the description of Sodoma? 

I came back from Israel today hearing the news regarding new stabbings in Tel Aviv and a little bit everywhere there. How can this be allowed to happen, how can a state like Palestine should be recognised if their beasts can’t keep their Middle Age’s weapons in their houses – so that at least they can kill each other (women are the worst beasts, not elevating their situation and men’s, like the history teaches that happened elsewhere thousands and thousands of years ago). How a civilised state between them like Israel, where freedom to practice all religions and jobs is allowed – because in Judaism, Moses going through the Red Sea and waters opening for him are a symbol of freedom is a symbol of freedom, and freedom is the principle.

Ah, but beasts have no freedom nor honour. No dialogue nor culture. Palmyra is the devastation of Sodoma against the preaches of Jerusalem and its people.

Слова Исраели.


The day of vengeance?

A good journalist is supposed to be in the good place at the good moment, so as the media suggest there’s no better spot then Jerusalem to avoid right now. Well, I was there today, guided by a certified Jewish guide – a professor of Israeli history for diplomats, how lovely conversations! – to discover the safe places at their best, avoiding the dangerous paths. Police is everywhere ready to shot if someone attacks; the Mosquees area is inaccessible (but even in “peaceful times” non-Islamic cannot access their places of pray); after the prayer tensions rise and the Western Wall is the focal points of the riots, as it’s between the Jewish and the Muslim quarter. Being attentive there’s no problem in going. Everyone deserve to visit Jerusalem and foolish fanatic people shouldn’t stop the rest of the world in evolving. 


 Fanatic Islamists are the damnation of this world, what they want is just to kill innocent people that don’t think like them to be allowed to paradise. Islamism itself was born out of the crazy visions of a foolish that menaced to conquer Mecca if the population didn’t go after him (this is just the story).  

We cannot risk that a bunch of idiots arm humanity. Je suis Charlie still echoes in our hearts. Vaut mieux cut the problem at its roots….Israel is too much on the defensive!!!!!

Mazal Tov, Israel! ❤️