LV Addicted

Wearing Louis Vuitton is not only a statement of elegance, it is also a choice of personal status and a way to invest wisely on timeless objects.


Gelato vs Ice Cream

Gelato and Ice Cream are two different things, and only Italians can brag about their substantial difference – because gelato was invented in Florence back in the 16th century!

Tattoos–A Noble Viewpoint

It is a reality most of the tattooed people should have taken into account: that tattoo they longed for to show the world something they cared of, doesn’t interest anybody. And it is vulgar. They might as well have signed up a document in which they state

L’Italia che sprofonda/Sunking Italy

Il telefono suona alle 7 e come rispondo infuriata a mia madre e mi accerto che non è per  un’emergenza familiare riattacco. Due ore dopo, bevendo il caffè e fumando la mia solita sigaretta nel mio giardinetto tornato asciutto in seguito alla pioggia che si è abbattuta sulla Costa Azzurra la notte precedente, controllo le…

Luscious Saint Tropez

This post is about how to enjoy St Tropez when you have the means – and how you should not go to St Tropez if you don’t.

Save the Blonde With Brain!

A blonde with brain shows to be far more looked upon than anything intellectual. There are blondes with less brain that look for more specific interests – like fashion, food, etc – and pretend to be smart with it: they might gain money, but they spend their narcissistic lives posting all the times, hence their…

Charlie Gard’s Abuse

So little Charlie Gard is dead. This may sound rough in a world where advocates of human rights and enlightened doctors rule as the guardians of Good but the real question in the matter of keeping a doomed human being in the world is not wether it is right or not, but rather: is he…

Facial Skin Care

All girls dream of a glowing soft young skin, and if in your 20s reaching this goal is easy, in your 30s Mother Nature leaves you to find products that call her back in aid. If Mother Nature has existed her resources, your conditions will be that of CONTA

Royal Ascot 2017

There is no such typical English thing like horse races. You can’t possibly aspire to be socially accepted if you don’t show a passion for horses. You can only reach the top though when you get invited to Ascot in the Royal Enclosure

The Hyaluronic Graal

Finding means to penetrate that barrier has challenged the medical field for years until para-medical cosmetics pioneer Hava Zingboim has produced the first-ever formula that breaks the barrier.

Ashes of the Moores’ crimes

Ian Brady died yesterday in Ashworth top security hospital, taken in the arms of eternal rest by cancer. The news is all over the U.K., but there’s little to celebrate. Ian Brady was a proper serial killer, who sexually assaulted and tortured five children together with his partner in crime and lover Myra Hindley (she…


Dear readers, Blondewithbrain got her Master degree in international relations yesterday. The discussion was very specific and it can be rightfully called the last battle. Finishing was really touching, and I was surrounded by the closest person in this important occasion. After the classical beheading of a bottle of champagne (a Tsarine was more than appropriate)…

First thing you do in the morning is having half a lemon juice and fill the remaining half of the glass with hot water.

Hard Power vs. Hard Power

This morning I read the news about Trump’s missile strike on the Syrian air base. Despite the horror of the chemical attack I was totally surprised Trump would turn against Assad, who is an ally for Russia–to which apparently the approach would be different to the previous administration. But then I started strolling on the chemical attacks…

Enjoy beauty and make no war

Aesthetics is the key to a fulfilled, pleasant life. It’s never been my intention to imitate Oscar Wilde or Gabriele D’Annunzio because it might seems shallow, but in a world where horrors happen living surrounded by beautiful things helps enormously. Plus it’s easy to imagine luxury, statues, marbles and beautiful cars, but it’s way simpler than…

First you shoot him and then you save him?

I honestly can’t get why we keep on seeing and reading that the terrorist who attempted to brutally murder as much as possible innocent civilians has been attempted to save after being shot and taken to hospital for care. They should take their heads off and show them hanged in the street where the attack…

From the Gold Cup to El Prat

(This post was due yesterday but inexplicably it wasn’t published) A souvenir that I leave behind me each time I go through Barcelona is feeling hangover wandering around its airport. Behind me, memories of a remarkably funny night. Today I am coming back from England after having participated the 17th of March to one of the most…