Le pari de l’été

Blaise Pascal, mathematician and philosopher, suggested to bet on the existence of God because the possibility of an eternal life in heaven would have been a much bigger gain than the simple loss of time worshipping something that doesn’t exist over lifetime.
My bet was similar: the maximum on the Goddess within me – it’s totally Buddhist, even though I got over the everyday practice. Surviving Monaco for three months in summer, going always out and about both for partying and networking is exhausting and absolutely impossible to do if: a) you’re not on your twenties; b) you are in your twenties but you have not enough energy – in my high and picky parameters; c) you’re engaged – if you are, better to go on a desolate island in any case. I lived my age and this unique moment in my life at best.
Thank you to the old and new friends, to the brief acquaintances – everything forges a mind and nothing happens by case – and especially to my family and to my professor who gave me trust betting on this too.
I won the bet.
I’m safe and sound, with the thesis ready, a clear mind for new projects and studies, an enormous network.
And most of all, I’m happy to be back to real life!
Take out the mandates and give me more fiches!


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